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Xavien Howard fires back at ex-lover who claimed he negligently gave her STD

Barely a day after his ex-lover anonymously filed a lawsuit against him, claiming he negligently gave her genital herpes, the Miami Dolphin star, Xavien, has filed a new court documents to counter his ex-lover’s claims.

The woman claimed that the circumstances have already caused her humiliation, embarrassment and psychological trauma, that using her real name will worsen the situation, hence she filed her docs as Jane Doe.

As reported by TMZ, in Xavien’s docs, he described the ex-lover’s lawsuit as “epitome of a shakedown”, he maintained that she had tried to extort cash from him, stalked him and threatened him with violence.

The Miami Dolphin star claimed he has text message proof that showed his ex-lover is “nothing more than a scorned ex-lover who has elected to prey on [Howard’s] public status for the purpose of obtaining a financial windfall without right or claim.”

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