Ukraine-Russia War

Family of anti-war campaigner banned from entering Russia for 50 years

The family of a Russian-Armenian anti-war campaigner have been banned from entering Russia for the next 50 years, the Moscow Times reports.

Arshak Makichyan, whose family began living in Russia in 1995 after fleeing the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, left Russia with his wife shortly after the invasion of Ukraine last year and is currently living in Germany.

He was stripped of his Russian citizenship along with his father and brother – who initially stayed in Russia.

But last month Mr Makichyan’s father and brother were ordered to leave Russia and banned from returning for 50 years.

In a tweet, Mr Makichyan said his brother Gago was born in Moscow and had graduated from the Moscow Conservatory.

Speaking to the Moscow Times on the half-century ban, Gago said: “I don’t believe it is connected to my activities in any way because I am a simple musician who plays in orchestras … and I’ve never written or said anything out of line.

“I was simply affected by this because I’m my brother’s brother.”

Gago went on to share his hopes that he would be able to return to Russia “sooner”, adding “I am very much attached to Russia”.

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